How Can I Share a Drawing with Someone Outside the Project

DrawingView is a fantastic application to share drawings, punch lists, photos, RFIs, or any other asset to the team. Project Managers can simply add the user as a “collaborator” to the project, and he/she will get access to these assets.

But sometimes you might want to share the drawings with users who are not in the project team. Here are the steps to do that in DrawingView



  1. Go to the project on your web.
  2. Open the project that has the sheet (drawing) that you want to share.
  3. You will see a “share” icon on top right corner.
  4. Click on Share. You will see all Drawings (selected to be shared). Remove selections that you do not want. 
  5. Also, you will see links, and Punches selected. You might want to remove these check boxes.
  6. Enter Email address of the user, and click send.

You can also share sheets (drawings) from your mobile devices. Tap on the share button, and select / deselect sheets that you want to send. Enter email address, and it will share the sheets.