Construction Reports

Get Customized Issue Reports and Daily Logs from the Field.

Construction Field & Daily Report App

Reports provide insight into the Construction Team's operations. Get latest information about Issues, Field, RFIs by customizing your Reports.
Construction Reports

Issue Reports

Project Managers can get Reports about the current pending issues in the project.

DrawingView App allows users to customize their construction daily field reports. There are many filters that can be used to customize the content of the reports.
Construction Reports

Daily Logs

Users get daily logs about whats happening in the field. This includes information about any new changes that affects users' issues or users' content.

Construction Daily Field Reports are customized for users. This reduces the content in the reports, and thus making them more useful.
Construction Reports

Share Reports

DrawingView allows users to share their construction daily field reports to any individual. This person could even be someone who is not associated with the projects.

Simply use the share icon on the screens, and share the reports with any email address. User will get a link in their email to download the report.