How can I Create a Punch List in DrawingView?

Punch List is one of the main features of DrawingView. You can create it from any device (iPhone, iPad, or Web).


  1. Login to DrawingView (on iPhone, iPad, or Web), and go to the project. You will be able to see all sheets of the  project.  img_2305
  2. Tap on any sheet that you want to view. You may want to zoom in (or zoom out) by pinching-in (or by pinching out).img_2306
  3. You will also see a tool bar that is available on the device. It is available on every sheet. On iPhones, it may be in collapsed mode. Simply tap on it, and it will open up.img_2307
  4. Tap on the “punch” icon, and select the category for this punch.img_2308
  5. Now tap anywhere on the sheet where you want to put the punch on. You will see that the punch is added to that location on the sheet. Also, a simple form opens up where you can insert info about the issue, as well as attach photos. Fill it and save it.img_2310
  6. You have a new punch created in the punch List.img_2311
  7. Note1: There is a “Layer” icon on top right corner for every sheet. If you want to see the sheet without the Punch, then simply tap on that icon. img_2311
  8. To view the complete punch List, go back to the Project (where you see all the sheets). You can tap on the Punch icon on your device to see the complete Punch List.img_2312img_2314
  9. Note2: Sheet is automatically attached to every punch.img_2315