Construction Managers, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Sub-Contractors,
Owners, and other experts in the Construction Industry.
DrawingView is used by Architects, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors and others. Its the #1 useful product in the field.

General Contractors

General Contractors love DrawingView, because it increases the efficiency of their team.

It reduces the cost by removing the printing cost, and by reducing the rework done in the project.


Sub Contractors

Sub-Contractors love DrawingView because it allows them to focus on their jobs, rather than spend their valuable time in asking questions, and collecting information about the task.


Architects love DrawingView because it makes the collaboration easy for them. Architects get easy access to information from the field. They also get reports about issues as well as about the progress of the project.


Engineers, Designers, Foremen, and every other job/trade in Construction industry love and use DrawingView. 

They use it for viewing construction documents, attachments, drawings.

DrawingView helps them to collaborate with other stake-holders in the project.