Fast Viewer

View, manage, and share your large project files at a blazing speed.
#1 Viewer for Construction Files.
Easy-to-use viewer to see your Construction Drawings at ease.
Simply upload your project files, and view them on your iphone and ipads instantly.


#1 Viewer for Construction Drawings

Construction Drawings are very large PDF files. DrawingView allows you to view these large files at a blazing speed.

It specializes in managing large project drawings at ease. You can zoom-in and zoom-out to view details about the sheets.

Automatic Callouts

DrawingView identifies callouts and automatically connects them as Hyperlinks in sheets.

Simply upload the project file to DrawingView, and it will automatically create Hyperlinks.

Crew can tap on the links, and it will take them directly to the connected sheet.

Version Control

DrawingView automatically manages the Sheet versions for the project sheets. 

Crew will always have the latest version available to them. If they want to view the older version, they can view it at the tap of a button.

Every crew member will have the latest version of sheet with them. This reduces errors, and increases efficiency. You will be closing projects on time..sometimes even before time!


All content is synced between main server and the handheld devices  (iphone, ipads) automatically.

If there is a change made on iphone or ipad, then that change is also pushed to main server, and then to every other team member instantly.

Every team member will have access to the latest changes automatically.