DrawingView is very simple to use. Here are few how-to-use items.
Feel free to contact support if you have questions that are not answered here.


How Can I Rotate Drawings in My Project?

DrawingView allows Project Owners to rotate their drawings. Here are the steps to do that:

Note: A project owner is someone who has created the project and uploaded drawings.


  1. Sign in to Web App as a Project Owner.
  2. You will see the “improve” tab. Click on it. Only project owners can see this tab. Please note that if you are not a project owner, then you will NOT see the “improve” tab.
  3. You will see that the “Orientation” tab is automatically selected. If it is not selected, then click on it.
  4. Rotate as many sheets as you want with the help of arrows.
  5. When you are done, Save or Update the project. This will automatically make required changes and push them to all devices.

You can do a lot more things in “improve” tab. Example: Change order of sheets, or Renaming sheets etc.

How Can I Share a Drawing with Someone Outside the Project

DrawingView is a fantastic application to share drawings, punch lists, photos, RFIs, or any other asset to the team. Project Managers can simply add the user as a “collaborator” to the project, and he/she will get access to these assets.

But sometimes you might want to share the drawings with users who are not in the project team. Here are the steps to do that in DrawingView



  1. Go to the project on your web.
  2. Open the project that has the sheet (drawing) that you want to share.
  3. You will see a “share” icon on top right corner.
  4. Click on Share. You will see all Drawings (selected to be shared). Remove selections that you do not want. 
  5. Also, you will see links, and Punches selected. You might want to remove these check boxes.
  6. Enter Email address of the user, and click send.

You can also share sheets (drawings) from your mobile devices. Tap on the share button, and select / deselect sheets that you want to send. Enter email address, and it will share the sheets.

How Can I Change the Punch List Item Icons in DrawingView?

DrawingView provides great flexibility in customizing application for your project. Different trades require different punch list items. For Example, Punch List icons for Architects are different than those for Electricians. Plumbers and Structural Engineers use different Pun List icons. You can create your own Punch List icons for your projects. Please note: Only Project managers (who have uploaded the PDF/DWG) can make this change.


  1. Login to DrawingView from your Web-App.
  2. Select the project for which you want to change the punch list icons.
  3. Click on Punch List tab on the main menu. 
  4. Select Brackets on the top right corner.
  5. You can add new Punch List icons. Also, you can Edit current icons in this screen.
  6. These icons are available to every member in your project team. They are available on all devices as well (iPhone, iPad, Web).

How can I Create a Punch List in DrawingView?

Punch List is one of the main features of DrawingView. You can create it from any device (iPhone, iPad, or Web).


  1. Login to DrawingView (on iPhone, iPad, or Web), and go to the project. You will be able to see all sheets of the  project.  img_2305
  2. Tap on any sheet that you want to view. You may want to zoom in (or zoom out) by pinching-in (or by pinching out).img_2306
  3. You will also see a tool bar that is available on the device. It is available on every sheet. On iPhones, it may be in collapsed mode. Simply tap on it, and it will open up.img_2307
  4. Tap on the “punch” icon, and select the category for this punch.img_2308
  5. Now tap anywhere on the sheet where you want to put the punch on. You will see that the punch is added to that location on the sheet. Also, a simple form opens up where you can insert info about the issue, as well as attach photos. Fill it and save it.img_2310
  6. You have a new punch created in the punch List.img_2311
  7. Note1: There is a “Layer” icon on top right corner for every sheet. If you want to see the sheet without the Punch, then simply tap on that icon. img_2311
  8. To view the complete punch List, go back to the Project (where you see all the sheets). You can tap on the Punch icon on your device to see the complete Punch List.img_2312img_2314
  9. Note2: Sheet is automatically attached to every punch.img_2315

Introducing the DrawingView Subscription Service


Time runs very fast!


We launched DrawingView 8 months ago as a free “beta” product. At that time, we wanted to launch a product that was simple to use and easy to adopt. Our main focus was to enable every user in the Construction industry to be able to use a fantastic product that requires no training!


Fast forward 8 month. We have more than 5,000 business users using our product regularly. They have created thousands of projects on our platform, and have generated many more sheets, punches, photos, RFIs, Annotations..and lot more. Nothing is more important to us than to seeing our users using the product easily in their complex construction projects.


Last few months have been incredibly busy for us. We were super busy with developing new features, and giving it to our users ASAP. Our “beta” users have been very supportive of us in our journey. Creating a High-Quality product is incredibly difficult. Our users worked with us and shaped the features that are the backbone of our fantastic product. I am happy to share that a large number of features in DrawingView are suggested by our “beta” users.


I hope that our users continue to provide us guidance and feedback as they have done in the past. We are constantly creating innovative features. And we intend to continue doing so for a very long time in future. It is fun, but running a smooth technology operations is expensive. Additionally, we are growing very fast. And this also puts stress on our Cost.


In order to continue our innovation and to run our operations, we’re now introducing a very simple subscription service. It starts with just $49 /- per user license. We want to keep it simple. So, you do not have to keep track of anything. You get Unlimited projects, and Unlimited sheets. Infact..its unlimited everything!


As we move into the new year (2017), we intend to bring a lot more fantastic features to DrawingView. If you want to add a new feature in DrawingView, simply send us an email, or call me at any time.


I can be reached at or at: (510) 393-2286.




Sandeep Chauhan

Founder & CEO, DrawingView

How Should I Use DrawingView If My Plan PDF Contains Images?

Sometimes your PDF plan will contain images (of drawings) instead of drawings. Here are the steps to find out if your PDF plan has images:

Click Here to Find Out If Your Plan PDF Has Images

If it is confirmed that your Plan PDF has images, then follow these steps to process your plan:

Step 1: Create a Project, upload plan, and select “Review & Publish” option.

DrawingView Calipatria cp design 11 23 2015 Default set Review


Step 2: Project will start processing. It may take few minutes (upto 20 – 30 min) to process the whole plan. Your screen would look like this:

DrawingView Add alt custom construction documents



Step 3: After the sheets are processed, your screen will look like this. Note that the sheet names will most likely be like: Sheet No 1, Sheet No 2, Sheet No 3 etc.



Step 4: Click on “Review” tab on this page



Step 5: You will see that in “Review” mode, system is not able to fetch (and display) Sheet number and Sheet names.

DrawingView Interior Default set Review

Step 6: For each sheet, find out the Sheet Number, and Sheet Name. You should “manually” insert this value (Sheet number, Sheet name) in given text boxes. You will have to manually read the information from the sheet and insert the information in text boxes.

DrawingView Interior Default set Review

Step 7: After you set Sheet number and Sheet names for all sheets, click on “Update” at the bottom of the page.


Step 8: You should also manually create links on each sheet.

Step 9: All sheet numbers, sheet names, and links will automatically sync with all devices where this project is loaded.



Read More

How Can I Know if My Project Plan PDF has Images?

Sometimes your plan PDF contains “images” of drawings. It is difficult to find the difference whether the drawings are “actual” drawings or they are images of drawings. Here is one good test to find it out:

Test to Find out if my plan PDF has images:

Step 1: Create a project from the DrawingView Web App and upload PDF

Step 2: Select “Review & Publish” instead of “Auto Publish


DrawingView   Calipatria   cp design 11 23 2015   Default set   Review



Step 3: System will take you to “Sheets” tab. It will display that the PDF is under “processing”.

DrawingView   Add alt custom construction documents


Step 4: After the sheets are processed, your sheets may look like this. Note that in this example, system is not able to extract correct names of sheets. Sheet names come out to be like: Sheet No 1, Sheet No 2, Sheet No 3 etc. If this is the case, then most likely your PDF has images of drawings.


Step 5: It is highly recommended that if your plan has images in PDF, then you should follow steps given in this article to process this plan:

How Should I Use DrawingView If My Plan PDF contains Images



My Plan Has Images (JPG, PNG, GIF) Instead of PDF. How Can I Use DrawingView?

Sometimes your construction projects do not have plans in  PDF or DWG files. Instead you get these plans as images (JPG, GIF, PNG etc). In these cases, follow these steps to use DrawingView:

Step 1: Create PDF from images – There are many free online services where you can convert your images into one PDF. Here are few services that you can use:

Step 2: Now you have your plan in PDF. But this PDF contains images (to show drawings). You should follow steps in this article to use DrawingView effectively.

How Should I Use DrawingView If My Plan PDF Contains Images



How Can I Delete Punch or Photo from My Sheets?

You can remove the punch or photo from the sheets.

Step 1: Open the sheet in your iphone or on your ipad. You should be able to see punch or photo icons on the sheets.




Step 2: To delete a punch or photo, “tap-and-hold” on the punch / photo icon on the sheet. When you do that, a “x” icon will pop-up on that icon.




Step3: Simply tap on that “x” icon, and that punch or photo will be removed from the system.

Step4: Note that this punch or photo will be deleted from the “cloud” server also. And it can not be recovered again.


Let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy!



How Can I Add Images on My Sheets?

You can add images to the sheets in your project.


Step 1: Open your iPad, and go to a project. Open any sheet in this project.

Step 2: Tap on the “image” icon in horizontal bar (at the bottom of the screen) on the sheet.

Step 3: Tap anywhere on the sheet. A “picture” icon will come up.

Step 4: You can take a new picture using the camera or select a picture from gallery.

Step 5: Add a title and description of the picture.

Step 6: You can delete the picture by pressing “image” icon on sheet for few seconds. Remember: If you delete the image, then it will automatically be deleted from iPads of other team members.



Note 1: This image is automatically shared to all members in your project team.

Note 2: You can put comments on the image. Also, other team members can also put their comments on the image.




Tip#2: How can I upload multiple PDFs in a project?

In DrawingView, users can upload more than one PDF in any project. This process can be done at anytime in the lifetime of a project.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

1. Login to your DrawingView Account

2. From the drop down menu on top, select the project that you want to work on. Now you are “in” the project.

3. Click on “Add Sheets” button on the right.



4. Select PDF from cloud or from your computer

5. Give a name to the PDF that is being uploaded. By default, it is “Set #, File Name



6. If the project requires “review”, then the system will display that this project is in “review”.

DrawingView -InReview


7. Click on Review Tab to “review” new uploaded sheets (from PDF).



8. Make sure that you are reviewing the correct Set. If not, then change the Set from dropdown.



9. Sheet number and names are “auto-populated”. If you want to change them, then you can do so.



10. Repeat #9 for all sheets that are under review.

Note: If Sheet number in new PDF is the same as any of the sheet numbers in older PDFs, then system will consider that this sheet is the next version of the previous one. In this case, it will NOT ADD this new sheet as a separate sheet. Instead it will create a new version of the sheet with that sheet number.

11. When all sheets are “reviewed”, then click on “Update and Publish”



12. Status of the project will change to “Published”. Sheets from new PDF will be pushed to iPads of crew members.


How Can I Change the Sheet Name in a Project?

DrawingView automatically finds out sheet numbers and sheet names in your project. If you want to change the number or the name of any sheet, then follow these steps:

Step1: Open the project and click on “Review” tab.

DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd


After you click on “Review”, you will be able to see a page that shows the editable Sheet Number and Sheet Name for every sheet in the project.

Step 2: Change the number (and name, if required) of the sheet.

DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd   Default set   Review


Step 3: Click on Update


DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd   Default set   Review



System will “reprocess” the sheets and generate new links. It may take few minutes.


When the processing is finished, your sheet will have a new number. Also, all links in the project will be updated. New changes will be automatically pushed to every iPad that has this project.




How Can I add Team Members to My Project?

User can collaborate with team members on Projects in DrawingView.

Here are the benefits of adding Team Members:

1. All Team Members will be able to work on the same project.

2. When Project Admin uploads new files (or new versions of the PDF), then sheets will automatically sync to iPads of all Members (Collaborators)

3. If a Team member creates annotations, pictures, or punch-lists  on a sheet, then these elements (annotations, pictures, punch-lists) will automatically be available on other members’ iPads

4. All members can put comments on images (from other members).

5. Project Admin can add or remove any member at any time.


Here are the steps required to add new members to the Project.


Step 1:  Select the Project from the list of projects that you are working on


DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd

Step 2: Click on Collaborators


DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd



Step 3: Click on Add Collaborators

DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd


Step 4: Click on “Add Collaborators”

DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd   Collaborators


Step 5: Enter Email addresses of users you want to add (separated by comma), and then click on “invite”.


DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd   Collaborators


Step 6: Users will get invitation email. Also, the user will appear in Collaboration tab as a collaborator. When new users Login on their iPads, then the project will automatically sync to their iPads. They will also have access to all other elements (annotations, images, punchlists etc.).


DrawingView   10 pages 13 0906 brannan 50  cd   Collaborators


Project Admin can add, update, or delete the Team Members at any time.







Tip #1: Getting Started – How to Upload Plans on DrawingView

DrawingView makes it super easy to put all of your construction drawings in one place. Here are the steps that you should take to create a new project and upload drawings:

  • This feature is available on the Web Application (using Browser). If you are on your iPad, then open the browser and visit the site Or open any browser on your PC or Mac, and go to the same site.
  • Click on Sign-in (top Right corner of the website). Enter your user-name and password.DrawingView
  • Click on “Add Project” button on top of your Web ApplicationScreen Shot 2015-07-31 at 5.38.09 AM
  • Enter project name and upload blueprints. DrawingView allows you to upload blueprints from your local machine or from cloud. We support almost 20 integrations including Box, DropBox, Google Drive, or any URL to upload your blueprint PDF.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 5.39.44 AM         Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 5.51.44 AM


  • Once blueprint PDF is uploaded on DrawingView, we process it in the background. It usually takes around 20 minutes to process a 50 sheet PDF.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 5.53.10 AM

  • After the processing, sheets are automatically Synced to your iPad. Simply open the DrawingView app on your iPad, and you will see the project and the sheets syncing there.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 5.57.10 AM

  • You can take the iPad on your site. View all sheets on the iPad. No internet connection is required to view the sheets and its details.