RFI Management

Easy to use RFI Management for Construction Projects.
"I use RFI feature of DrawingView every day at my work. It has all required features in it, and is very simple to use".
RFI Management


Field Crew can raise RFI at the tap of a button. They can add details (including pictures) if required.

Architects (or other staff) can comment on the RFI, and close it with any changes, if needed. 

Whole process is transparent and seamless. Every member of the team gets access to the updated sheets or attachments after the RFI is closed.
RFI Management

Automatic Sync

RFIs can lead to a new version of sheets, new attachments, or some new assets in the project. All of these changes are automatically synced to everyone in the project.

RFI Management

Locked / Unlocked RFIs

DrawingView allows that the users can put different levels of permissions for RFI management.

Unlocked RFIs can be edited by users. Users can collaborate and add more information on the RFI, before it becomes closed.
RFI Management


Attachments are integral to most processes in DrawingView. Users can create RFIs and put attachments to add more information, if required.